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When it comes to selling your home, there are a few pieces of tried-and-true advice to keep in mind before launching into the process. We’ve put together some of our most helpful tips for your consideration throughout the listing and selling process.

Time it Right

Not all months are created equal when it comes to selling your home. If your situation allows for some flexibility, it’s worth it to wait until the most optimal time of year to do so. For best odds at securing a buyer, try listing the first week of April. Many prospective buyers begin mulling over the idea of making a move at the turn of the year and are usually ready to pull the trigger when the weather turns nice around early spring.

Price Competitively

Pricing your property is a delicate balance. You may initially think you want to price high in the hopes of meeting the buyer at your desired total, but be careful. Overpricing your house can lead to having it sit on the market for an extended period of time, prompting buyers to wonder why it isn’t selling. Likewise, you may have to slash the price, which buyers will also see as a potential red flag in making a purchase. On the other hand, you don’t want to undervalue your home and leave money on the table. Having experts on hand who know the value of your land and are familiar with the area is imperative to get it right.

Make Small Repairs Now

Whether it’s that leaky faucet you’ve learned to tune out or a water heater that’s on the brink, we suggest making small repairs to your home before you list. These small issues will eventually come to a head near the end of a process with an interested buyer. Anything that slows the sales process down also cools it, so whatever you can do to make sure nothing impedes closing is worth your time.

Clean and Set the Stage

When it comes to your home, the first impression is the only impression. From the moment a prospective buyer pulls up to your property, they are already making assessments. Be sure to keep the front walk clean, the garden tidy, and consider having the windows power washed. When it comes to the interior, keep things clean and sparse, removing absent clutter and any personal effects. This may seem a little strange, but you want your buyer to be able to envision themselves in your home, which is best achieved with a blank canvas. If staging isn’t your forte, consider hiring a professional.

Pick an Agent Your Trust

Last but definitely not least, settle on an agent you trust. You’ll want to ask focus on how many homes your agent has helped clients sell, how long they’ve worked in the area, and how many properties like yours specifically they have specialized in. At Montana Life, it’s been our honor to help over __ clients sell their homes all across the state. If you’re looking for an agent who will treat you like family, guide you through the process, and go the extra mile, we’re ready to help.

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